Its path

Consorci MARE is in charge of managing mixed waste that we deposit in the grey waste bin and pruning waste from parks and gardens. The rest of the waste that we separate in specific containers is recycled to manufacture new raw materials. Those that we deposit by mistake in the waste container are separated at the plant and transported for recycling.


The total generation of waste in our territorial area is estimated at around 250,000 tons per year, the distribution of which is estimated by type of waste as follows:

Total UW Collection

208.584,88 tons

Total Selective Collection

24.069,70 tons

Total Collection in Ecoparks

11.166,00 tons

Total Collection in Municipalities without an Ecopark

6.235,96 tons

Total Waste Generated

250.056,54 tn

Per inhabitant per year

545,17 Kg

Per inhabitant per day

1,49 Kg