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Consorci MARE Consorci MARE is the name of the Consortium for the execution of the provisions of the 6 waste regional plan, management area A1, which manages the urban waste of the 52 municipalities that cover the regions of the Marina Alta and the Marina Baja, together with the municipality of El Campello, in the region of Alicante.







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Until very recently, the waste has been considered as that which is no longer of any use. A significant proportion of the general public continues to have this perception.


However, the waste has an increasing value, and this is possible thanks to its treatment and subsequent recycling. Waste is something very different from rubbish. Junk ceases to have value, while rubbish acquires a new value after its treatment. It is true that, before waste and the treatment, there is the reuse of what we no longer use.

And even before this, we have an increasingly present eco industry, which minimises the possibility of generating future waste. This change of focus is the result of a new cultural model which is based on changing our attitudes on a day-to-day basis. This new view concerns us all. For the general public, by assuming that to the extent that we use a lesser volume of products, treatment bills will be reduced.

For public officials, due to the obligation we have to generate environmental and logistical education for the segmented collection of waste. For companies responsible for the treatment of waste, because logistics, respect for the environment and the generation of raw material for recycling gain efficiency and public trust. A new look for a new time. More confidence and greater effort for a sustainable future.

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